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The Run Lab CBD brand started with real runners recognizing the positive impact of CBD in their own training efforts. Run Lab CBD has developed a variety of products with the sole goal of enhancing your training efforts.

Unlock your best run with Run Lab CBD’s premium, runner-focused formulas.

Meet The Founders

Chas Metz

Chas' Story

Growing up Chas found a passion for extreme sports including snocross, motocross, snowboarding, BMX, and cliff diving. With hobbies like these, injuries became part of everyday life. Countless sprains and broken bones led to more than a few prescriptions of powerful and addictive painkillers. The endless cycle of injuries, prescriptions, and withdrawals was not leading to a healthy lifestyle. Eventually, Chas gave up some of these more extreme sports and turned to running as a safer alternative and a hobby he could share with his father Todd Metz. While less severe, running came with its own set of injuries. Not wanting to repeat the same cycle as before, Chas turned to CBD as a healthier, more natural, approach to recovery. He had great results and realized that CBD was very underutilized by the running community. Chas and Todd would later change this by starting Run Lab CBD. CBD products created by runners, for runners

Todd's Story

While not as extreme as Chas, Todd has his own set of issues. Mainly, he’s older. So the running related injuries pop up and avoiding a handful of over-the-counter medication became a priority. Besides running, Todd has more than a few sporting passions that pit him against the younger generation. These passions include skiing, snowmobiling, hunting, and most of all bowling. Yes, bowling is a sport that takes a toll on specific parts of the human anatomy. Mainly knees and ankles, the same ones needed to run marathons. He has taken 10 full days off during marathon training dealing with plantar fasciitis. Of course, those missed training days are always in the later stages of training and exactly when the long runs set the foundation for a great marathon. With CBD, these issues melt away quickly. Hips and the lower back also get stressed, as bowling is a severely one-sided activity. So getting through brutal Wisconsin winters with little running, think ‘let’s not break a hip’ yet feeding the competitive side creates many uses for CBD. In his spare time when not selling homes, Todd wrenches on snowmobiles reliving his past racing history. There is literally no place for him to go in town where some aspect of snowmobiling isn’t part of the conversation. Wrenching wrecks wrists, creates lower back issues, and is generally a harsh environment. He will continue to focus on building the Run Lab CBD brand with older runners in mind. Yet, not only runners but older humans. There are very few products on the market with older runners in mind. Follow Chas and Todd and learn how we are changing that and finding alternate ways to feel better, stay fit, be active, and be the best you can be at any age.

Todd Metz

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