Which CBD Product is Right For Me?

How do I know which Run Lab CBD product is best for me?

Here at Run Lab CBD, we have carefully curated an array of products that will keep you running day in and day out. Our vision is to give athletes a solution to common aches that our passion for running can induce. With that in mind, let’s dive into how our products fit your lifestyle!

Pre-Run: PERFORM Product Line

As most of our training sessions and races are slotted for the early hours, our morning caffeine ritual has become an essential part of our routine. While coffee is a reliable choice, time constraints and occasional stomach discomfort motivated us to create something better. Our Performance Softgels contain 100mg of caffeine blended with CBD and CBG oil, which causes the caffeine to digest slowly and last up to 3 hours! Along with aiding in the digestion of caffeine, our CBD and CBG blend helps to reduce fatigue and increase focus. Additional key ingredients include Taurine and B12 to enhance endurance capacity. This combination of ingredients provides a significant morning boost that will leave you feeling ready for one more mile!

PERFORM Performance Softgels


$32.99 or subscribe and save 20%

Mid & Post Run: RECOVER Product Line

As runners, we all have occasional aches and discomforts. You know the kind; achy knees, sore shoulders, strained calves. When these things flare up our RECOVER products are here to save your run!

Roll-On Freeze Gel is packaged in a convenient bottle with a mess-free roll-on applicator for on-the-go use and contains CBD, menthol, and aloe to soothe sore muscles and joints.

Relief Rub is similar but comes in a pump bottle with a lotion-like consistency and includes two powerful ingredients not found in our Roll-On Freeze Gel. These ingredients are Boswellia Serrata and Arnica Montana Flower. These additional ingredients make our Relief Rub the more powerful option and is what we recommend for more serious discomforts.

Our Calming Gummies contain 25mg of CBD Isolate and no other active ingredients. These gummies are great for any time of the day and are our most delicious recovery solution.

RECOVER Relief Rub


$43.99 or subscribe and save 20%

RECOVER Calming Gummies

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$12.99 or subscribe and save 20%

RECOVER Roll-On Freeze Gel


$37.99 or subscribe and save 20%

Before Bed: SLEEP Product Line

Quality sleep is paramount for runners’ recovery, yet achieving it can sometimes be elusive. That’s where Run Lab CBD’s Sleep Gummies step in to provide a solution. Crafted with precision, each delicious gummy is packed with a blend of ingredients tailored to promote deep, rejuvenating sleep. Harnessing the calming properties of l-theanine, passion flower, CBD, and CBN, our formula lays the groundwork for a restful night’s sleep. We understand that endurance athletes cannot afford to be hindered by morning grogginess, often caused by more potent sleep aids. With early morning training and races in mind, our sleep aid ensures you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to perform at your best.

SLEEP Sleep Gummies


$32.99 or subscribe and save 20%


Running can bring so much joy to our lives as athletes, and that joy can quickly be brought down by aches and strains. We want to make sure that we are giving our body the best chance at recovery to sustain the active lifestyle we chose. Run Lab CBD is dedicated to being active in every runner’s dream for injury free PR’s. Whether you use one or all of our products, we are proud to be a part of your journey!

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What is CBD

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